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I have a confession to make. I just over-indulged in chocolate. Just like I used to. Fully knowing now what ill-effects it can have (yes, even though it’s packed with fabulous flavonoids). But guess what? I’m okay with it. Because life cannot be lived by following the rules all the time. Not even most of the time. I’m good with half of the time, quite honestly. As my Uncle Jim used to say, “everything in moderation…even moderation.”

I’d like to call this philosophy going with the flow. That’s something I’ve wanted to be able to do since I was a still-growing teenager struggling with a fully-formed problem with perfectionism. My best friend back then used to admonish me to “just go with it” when I objected to things not fitting my idea of what they should be. She was a bit of a will o’wisp and free spirit and I remember desperately wishing I could be more like her. Not just wishing but trying too hard as well, as if could maybe “perfect” being imperfect.

At 45, I am grateful that at least alarm bells go off when I get back into that bad habit. Changing my diet to steer clear of sugars and refined flours was something I chose to do for my health. And my diet has changed. Tomorrow I may be quite content to eat nothing but vegetables and fruit all day. But today, I absolutely had to, no questions asked, dive into that blessed “mood-altering substance” that I choose to use: chocolate. And I don’t care who knows it.

Because believe me, people notice. A friend of mine recently revealed that she was “watching me” closely. She’s been following my blogs and at her home I’ve been a bit of a wet blanket at times, refusing wine and wonderful aromatic New Zealand cheeses. She wanted to see if I stuck to what I was espousing on my public platform.

For the record, I spent Friday at her home and enjoyed several glasses of wine and yes, even a couple of crackers with cheese. So now she knows my deep dark secret. I am not perfect. Which is what I think she suspected all along, and was just worried that maybe I was in for a nasty shock when I finally realized it!

After all of these years, I do finally know how to go with the flow. I realize that I am human and that even though I will continue to strive toward a better “me” until the day I die, I can only take baby steps toward my ultimate development. The same is true of anything we do. And so is this: being human, we sometimes veer a little off the track.

On that note, I’ve now popped a couple of fish oil capsules, and garlic and parsley pills to round out today’s diet. I’ve got a can of tuna to open and lunch to plan around it. Everything in moderation…even immoderation.

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